So many options!

               So many options!   (“Halloween Meeting” by Gina Sala is licensed under CC 2.0 )

It’s mid-September, which of course means I’ve been thinking about Halloween for a month already. I had incredible costumes as a kid, all made by my mom, whose creative contributions included a Statue of Liberty costume (complete with green face-paint) and a Pilgrim costume. I loved dressing up when I was young, and had a big box of scarves and dresses and shoes and shawls. I thought for a while that I had outgrown this, but have realized in the last few years that really, I haven’t. I still love dressing up, putting on another persona, wearing pretty things. But I think that, like so many things in my life, I want to do the dressing up thing so well, particularly on occasions like Halloween, that I just don’t do it at all. Nor do I do anything for Halloween, except maybe give children candy. (Not to knock that — I did it for the first time last year and it was awesome.) So this year, I’d like to actually do something, enjoy dressing up, and not necessarily have the most clever or best made costume out there.  It’s part of a bigger effort I’m making, to do the things I want to do, even if I can’t do them as creatively or as perfectly as I’d like — taking a bite out of perfectionism. Though if you have suggestions, I’d love to hear them.


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