Cleaning the house

The house is actually a lot cleaner than it has been in quite some time. I can both remember the last time I swept the floor (or, my husband swept the floor…) and the last time I cleaned the bathroom. And the living area is pretty clutter free. But the more I do, the more I feel like I will never be on top of the space or the cooking in the kind of self-sustaining, regular, don’t-have-to-think-about-it way I envision when I think of accomplished homemaking. Meals I don’t have to scramble to make, laundry that manages to be simultaneously clean and in a drawer. Though it is currently clean and spread through the house. So that’s something.

Potentially what I am expecting to happen is not a real thing, or takes significantly more practice than I have thus far put in. But whatever the case, there is a big rift between my imagination of how my house could (should?) be, and the reality:


Top left: “Rubbermaid Homefree Series Closet Kit 3G59” by Rubbermaid Products CCL
Bottom Left: “Basement Pantry” by Susy Morris CCL Other photos mine, edits mine.

Well, my first problem is probably thinking that my reality should be in line with set photography from a storage system manufacturer. I think that’s a good thing to realize. I hope, in the next couple of weeks, to develop more realistic homemaking goals and strategies. To do so, I plan to implement three things:

1. Tracking my time. I will try to see how I spend my hours, and see if there are some things (looking at you, 800 times I check Facebook daily) that can be cut back on.

2. Praying. I will be specifically praying for God to show me what my priorities really are and should be, so that I can stop trying to focus on everything at once.

3. Sitting down with Mr. B. and figuring out some ways we can tackle weekly tasks with teamwork. This was his idea, and I am so grateful that he comes up these kind of practical ideas. I’ll plan to post an update on what we come up with.

I love homemaking (at least theoretically, and hopefully more and more, in reality) and look forward to being able to do it with less of a sense of futility.

So, what about you? Has anyone else dealt with a disconnect between the way they want their life to look and the way it does look? How did you or are you dealing with it? Inquiring (nosy?) minds want to know.


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