I do it myself

“I do it myself!” That’s a phrase I hear often from my nearly three-year-old. He wants to be able to do each and every task himself. It also applies to my interests in cooking.

I love cooking from scratch. I get excited about new ingredients, I love seeing what new things I can produce in my home kitchen. But I am anything but a purist. Food in our house fluctuates from quite fancy, from scratch cooking to something like we had tonight: a pick-up dinner of chicken nuggets soaked in two ingredient buffalo sauce. Mmm.

Now, I am sitting in the dining room attached to our kitchen, listening to my son fall asleep (or try very hard not to), writing this and waiting for my bread to rise. It is my first time trying a pumpernickel loaf.

These last few weeks I have been focusing obsessively on the recipes from Artisan Bread in 5 Minutes a Day.  I have the original book, and have been looking at some of the tweaks on the website as well.  The pumpernickel has cocoa, molasses, and coffee. It is also supposed to contain caramel color, a coloring and flavor agent made from burned sugar, but I do not yet have any.  Perhaps soon. Or perhaps I will make some myself.


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